Jacob Lebovits


Jacob is a true believer in Schervier. As a father and a healthcare professional, Jacob admires that here at Schervier going the extra mile is the norm. He has worked within the healthcare community for almost a decade. He has trained and coached dozens of people in retail as well as healthcare to provide professionalism with compassion while giving that extra step. Jacob is an External Case Manager because he enjoys the privilege in being able to truly help people get back on their feet again and to be an active part in their community and family. Mr. Lebovits is also an active speaker for professional networking events and leadership summits. He advocates for patients and families because he understands first-hand just how challenging times of need may be.

Jacob holds a Bachelor’s in Talmudic Law and a spring in his step with a smile on his face. Always glad to help others, he is a valued part of the Schervier Team!